We simply offer the best bottled
water delivery in Nigeria

About Rano Company

Rocomuso Limited was incorporated on 27 August 2012. For the last six years, we have nourished our customers with our nutritious butter bread, coconut bread and sandy bread.

Rocomuso Limited recently branched into table water production through the establishment of rano Table water.

Our Goals

To provide premium table water to homes

To create convenience in the supply of dispenser refill bottle water which is delivered to homes

To create residual stream of income to our customers


Why Rano Water is the Best?

Rano water is It is Best For Personal and Cooperate Use. Regulates body temperature. Good for
the skin. Rids the body of toxins. carries nutrients to different cells.

Certified Purity

Purity of water and Natural Mineral content is officially certified by Nigeria water corporation

Eco-friendly Bottle

BPA-Free, BPS-Free, 100% Recyclable Bottle. Easy to carry, crush and and recycle. Rano bottles are also one of the lightest bottles on the market sacing resourses.

Best Quality

Makes up over 80% of a person’s blood. Boosts energy levels. Helps protect vital organs. Helps prevent infections such as flu

100% Natural

Rano water is a Premiun Natural Mineral Water with an outstanding pH Balance

Core Water Processing Technology

Rano is processed using the best table water filtration and processing technology available
today, reverse osmosis technology.


Join the Rano digital marketing Program

We are happy to bring to you, a revolutionary approach to sourcing your drinking water while making money doing so through our direct marketing program of our 18.9 liters dispenser bottle water.

Commit to buying 10 dispenser bottles refill of rano Table Water valued at N5000 per month, and encourage 3 other persons to do same, you will just be on your way to making guarantee income of N108,900 monthly.

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Our Bottle

Want to know why our bottle is one of the lightest in the market, here are some details for you.

Made with a lot less plastic than similar bottles.

Designed to be easily crushed.

100% recyclable including label and cap.

BPA-Free, BPS-Free and BPF-Free.


Rano does not taste like plastic if left in the sun.


After you enjoy a Rano water, you can easily crush the collapsible bottle to reduce its size. Another way to help the environment with recycling. We are strong on recycling, so in order to get this unique water to our custoners, everything possible to reduce resources is utilised, Rano is continually implementinf new improvements to reduce the input on the environment.

In addition to using recyclabe packaging for our products we also recycle shipping and packaging materials used in the process of making the product available to you. Unlike sone other products, Rano caps and labels are also 100% recyclable as well.

Our Factory

Rano Water Factory We are happy to offer our customers a professional, yet family style service which many comment how much better our service is compared to their last company they dealt with. Our driver’s pay attention to you and get to know your regular water usage. As for some customers who change their order frequently, we have invested in new programs that